Considerations for International Visitors

Each year GAO receives hundreds of requests for international visitors to come to the agency to learn more about its mission, organization, and work.GAO values these visits as important opportunities to build professional networks, share knowledge, and strengthen the capacity of other supreme audit institutions around the world. Because of the agency's limited resources, GAO is unable to accept all visits.

Visit requests must relate to the scope of GAO's work.In addition, GAO prioritizes visit requests accordingly:

  • Visitors are from a Supreme Audit Institution.
  • Visitors are from a Parliament or Congress.
  • Visitors are from a national or central-level ministry and have subject matter expertise/knowledge of work relevant to GAO's work or mission.
  • Visitors are from a non-governmental organization and have subject matter expertise/knowledge of work relevant to GAO's work or mission.

Requests that are frequently declined include the following:

  • Visitors are interested in topics outside GAO's scope of work.
  • Visitors are from foreign countries' state or local governments (i.e. not at the federal level).
  • Visitors are from foreign countries' private research firms or businesses.
  • Visitors are international students at U.S. universities.
  • Visitors are interested in internship opportunities. (Please visit our Careers section for more information on GAO's internship program.)

If you are interested in visiting GAO, please submit the International Visitors Program form no later than three weeks prior to the date of your requested visit. GAO's Office of Strategic Planning and External Liaison will contact you to discuss your request.

If we are unable to accommodate your request, please note that there are other ways that we can facilitate information exchange. For example, we can direct you to specific GAO reports on the subjects you are interested in or send you an information packet about GAO.