Bid Protests & Appropriations Law

Explore our Bid Protest Function

Bidders or other interested parties may file a challenge to the terms of a solicitation or the award of a government contract. GAO's Procurement Law Division adjudicates these bid protests. View recent bid protest decisions or search the full docket for all cases filed in the past 12 months.

Overview of GAO's Handling of Bid Protests

Audio interview by GAO staff with Ralph White, Managing Associate General Counsel for Procurement Law

Explore our Appropriations Law Function

Congress and federal agencies request decisions and opinions from
GAO on matters of appropriations law. GAO's Budget and Appropriations Law group handles these requests.

Explore our Other Legal Functions

Occasionally, GAO issues other legal decisions pursuant to statutory mandates, upon congressional request, or stemming from our audit work.

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  • Federal Vacancies Reform Act

    Information about the temporary filling of vacant executive positions that require presidential appointment with Senate confirmation.
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  • Congressional Review Act

    This Act requires GAO to report on major rules that federal agencies make, including summaries of the procedural steps taken by the agencies. We have a searchable database of major and non-major rules.
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  • Antideficiency Act

    This Act prohibits federal agencies from obligating or expending federal funds in advance or in excess of an appropriation, and from accepting voluntary services.
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  • Contract Appeals Board

    GAO's Contract Appeals Board considers appeals of decisions by contracting officers in legislative branch agencies only, including the Architect of the Capitol, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Government Publishing Office, among others.
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  • Functions Transferred to the Executive Branch

    Settlement of claims and debts against the United States, waiving debts, and other issues about collecting money owed to the United States are now the responsibility of the Executive Branch.
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