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Leading Practices in Managing for Results in Government

Effective performance management helps the federal government improve outcomes in areas like education, healthcare, housing, and national security.

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The federal government faces significant financial, management, and performance challenges as it tries to effectively implement programs and deliver services. Congress and the Executive Branch developed a framework that provides important tools to help address these challenges. This framework aims to focus federal efforts on long-term results.

The framework includes:

  • Setting annual and long-term goals
  • Measuring progress towards these goals
  • Determining if these goals are being met, and what actions to take if not
  • Transparently reporting results

The links below cover the major pieces of this federal performance management framework. Each link describes requirements and related leading practices.

Leading Practices for Agencies Leading Practices for Cross-Agency Efforts
Agency Strategic Plan (PDF, 6 Pages) Federal Government Priority Goals (PDF, 2 Pages)
Agency Priority Goals (PDF, 1 Page) Federal Government Performance Plan (PDF, 1 Page)
Agency Performance Plan (PDF, 10 Pages) Federal Government Quarterly Reviews (PDF, 1 Page)
Agency Quarterly Reviews (PDF, 1 Page) Federal Government Performance Website (PDF, 1 Page)
Agency Performance Reporting (PDF, 6 Pages) Leadership at the Governmentwide Level (PDF, 3 Pages)
Transparency of Agency Performance, (PDF, 2 Pages)  
Reducing Unnecessary Plans and Reports (PDF, 1 Page)  
Agency Leadership Involvement and Accountability (PDF, 4 Pages)  
Congressional Involvement (PDF, 2 Pages)  


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