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General Government: Grants for Transit Resilience

To mitigate the negative effects of fragmentation across federal funding streams, the Department of Transportation should examine the $3.6 billion in funding the Federal Transit Administration awarded toward transit resilience projects for potential duplication with other resilience efforts.


The Department of Transportation (DOT) should examine the projects the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funded under its discretionary transit resilience grant program for potential duplication with other resilience efforts and determine whether it is appropriate to realign unobligated funds for FTA-supported projects for other authorized purposes or request that Congress rescind unobligated funds from FTA-supported projects.


No executive action taken. As of September 2017, DOT had not addressed this action, as recommended by GAO in its December 2016 report. In a March 2017 letter to the Office of Management and Budget and congressional committees, DOT stated that it is planning to coordinate with federal agency coordination groups to determine whether there is any potential duplication of resilience efforts in the region and would determine actions for FTA-supported projects as appropriate. In September 2017, DOT planned to complete this action by November 30, 2017. Completing this action may help DOT ensure that the FTA-supported projects are effectively coordinated with other resilience efforts and help minimize the fragmentation of the federal government’s disaster resilience efforts. Further, such an evaluation may help identify cases where FTA-supported projects may need to be revised or may no longer be needed. In such cases, realigning funds for other authorized purposes, or requesting a rescission of these funds, may be appropriate.

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Department of Transportation