Information Technology

Our Work

Information technology (IT) can be a key element of management reform, dramatically reshaping government to make it more responsive and efficient. Today’s rapid technological change and innovation, including the growth of the Internet, offer unprecedented opportunities to use IT to enhance government service to citizens by improving performance and reducing costs. These opportunities, however, create great challenges. The Information Technology team leads GAO’s efforts to help the government address these important challenges by working to build the government’s capacity to manage IT and to manage the collection, use, and dissemination of information in an era of rapidly changing technology. We also seek to strengthen information security and to protect the computer and telecommunications systems that support the nation’s vital infrastructures.

We assist Congress in assessing and improving the government’s substantial IT investments—including high-risk modernization efforts—and we continue to develop and expand best practice methodologies that are used across government to guide IT investment decision making. We also seek to improve how the government collects and manages its information and to better protect the security and privacy of government data in light of the nation’s growing dependence on complex and interconnected computer and telecommunications systems. To do this, our specialists perform work at federal agencies across the country.