Defense Capabilities and Management

Our Work

The Defense Capabilities and Management team leads GAO's efforts to support congressional oversight of the Department of Defense (DOD) as it pursues broad-based initiatives to modernize, and transform its forces to address a more diverse range of threats while at the same time drawing down in Afghanistan. Sustaining DOD's military force costs taxpayers over $600 billion a year, including appropriations for contingency operations. Charting the future makeup and use of the military forces is a major issue facing Congress and the President, as are efforts to restructure DOD business practices. To assist Congress, we study a wide range of current and future defense issues.

We provide timely analyses, recommendations, and policy options to congressional and executive branch officials to improve federal policies and programs in the following defense areas:

    • planning and force structure
    • readiness and training
    • warfighter support
    • Emerging threats, irregular warfare, and homeland defense
    • Strategic human-capital management
    • logistics
    • infrastructure
    • business operations
    • budgeting