Criminal Investigators

This position is located in GAO's Forensic Audits and Special Investigation (FSI) unit, which is an integrated team of forensic auditors, criminal investigators, information technology experts, analysts, and attorneys. FSI has three primary areas of work: (1) forensic audits, (2) security and vulnerability assessments, and (3) special investigations.

The Senior Criminal Investigator (Senior Special Agent) position at GAO performs a full range of investigative functions to include the following major duties:

    • Conduct complex inspections, investigations, reviews, and analysis of federal government programs and processes.
    • Establish plans for investigations of alleged or suspected violations of criminal laws, particularly white-collar crime that involves fraud, waste, abuse, and government corruption.
    • Interview witness, subjects, and informants to solicit information and collect data.
    • Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant evidence, and prepare analysis and recommendations.
    • Perform undercover work and surveillance using a variety of equipment to collect and document evidence.
    • Collaborate with other auditors, analysts, attorneys, and investigators.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with the federal government, private industry, and state and local law-enforcement agencies.
    • Prepare technical reports, briefing papers, testimony, and reports of investigations.